2023 Brazil Oil and Gas Exhibition

The 2023 Brazil Oil Oil and Gas Exhibition was held from October 24th to 26th at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The exhibition was organized by the Brazilian Petroleum Industry Association and the Brazilian Ministry of Energy and is held every two years. The exhibition covered an area of 31000 square meters, with around 540 exhibitors and over 24000 visitors.

This exhibition radiates to major oil producing countries and regions in South America and Latin America. Since its establishment, its scale and influence have been expanding day by day, and it has developed into an oil and gas exhibition with a certain scale and influence in South America and Latin America. As a petroleum industry exhibition, it provides an important platform for Chinese enterprises to enter the markets of Brazil, South America, and Latin America, and deeply explore the potential for cooperation.

Our company seized the good opportunity of going global and sent three representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Trade to the exhibition site to have friendly exchanges and learning with enterprises and professionals from around the world. During the exhibition, three members of our foreign trade department introduced our key business scope and main equipment products to potential partners on site, and shared our new technologies and latest application cases in the production process.



At the same time, we also seized this opportunity to learn from enterprises and professionals from around the world, understand the recent development status and future trends of the petroleum industry.


Through this exhibition, we have learned a lot from our communication with friends from various countries and have also made more potential partners see us. They are willing to strengthen communication with us and establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships.