Crossing Mountains and Seas, Just to Meet You – Exhibition Documentary

On May 8-11, 2024, the 28th Iran International Oil and Gas Exhibition was successfully held at the Tehran International Exhibition Center in Iran.


 DHDZ forging flange 1


Although the situation is turbulent, our company has not missed this opportunity. Three foreign trade elites have crossed mountains and seas, just to bring our products to more customers.


We take every exhibition seriously and seize every opportunity to showcase. We have also made sufficient preparations before this exhibition, and on-site promotional posters, banners, brochures, promotional pages, etc. are essential ways to visually showcase our company's products and services on site. In addition, we have also prepared some portable small gifts for our on-site exhibition customers, showcasing our brand image and strength in all aspects.


 DHDZ forging flange 2


What we will bring to this exhibition is our classic flange forging products, mainly including standard/non-standard flanges, forged shafts, forged rings, special customized services, as well as our advanced heat treatment and processing technology.


At the bustling exhibition venue, our three outstanding partners stood firm in front of the booth, providing professional and enthusiastic service to every visitor, and meticulously introducing our company's high-quality products. Many customers were moved by their professional attitude and product charm, and expressed a strong interest and willingness to cooperate with our products. They even longed to personally visit our headquarters and production base in China to see our strength and style.


 DHDZ forging flange 5

DHDZ forging flange 7

At the same time, our colleagues enthusiastically responded to the invitations of these clients, expressing great anticipation for the opportunity to revisit their companies for in-depth communication and cooperation. This mutual respect and expectation undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between both parties.

 DHDZ forging flange 4

DHDZ forging flange 6

It is worth mentioning that they not only focused on their own tasks, but also made full use of this rare opportunity to have in-depth exchanges and discussions with other exhibitors at the exhibition site. They listen, they learn, they insight, and strive to grasp the latest trends and trends in the international market, exploring products and technologies with market competitiveness and potential. This kind of communication and learning not only broadens their horizons, but also brings more possibilities and opportunities to our company.

 DHDZ forging flange 3

The entire exhibition site was filled with a harmonious and harmonious atmosphere, and our partners shone brightly in it, fully demonstrating their professional competence and team spirit. Such an experience will undoubtedly become a valuable asset in their career and will also drive our company to become more stable and strong in future development.