DHDZ Forging Annual Celebration Wonderful Broadcast!

On January 13, 2024, DHDZ Forging held its annual celebration at the Hongqiao Banquet Center in Dingxiang County, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province. This banquet has invited all employees and important customers of the company, and we sincerely thank everyone for their dedication and trust in DHDZ Forging. Looking forward to a better tomorrow and creating a brilliant future together in 2024!

1General Manager's toast

On the evening of January 13, 2024, at 18:00, the annual celebration of DHDZ Forging officially began. Group General Manager Guo delivered a toast on behalf of the company at the annual meeting dinner.

0-DHDZ forging Donghuang-祝酒词

Mr. Guo first expressed condolences and gratitude to all employees of DHDZ Forging for their hard work and efforts over the past year, and then warmly welcomed the arrival of all guests.

Mr. Guo stated that opportunities and challenges coexist, glory and dreams coexist, and he firmly believes that we can create another brilliance in 2024!

2Annual Meeting Performance

Our evening party will feature exciting programs and lucky draws, while also evaluating and awarding the programs for this gala. Who will be the most popular king of the party, and who will be the lucky star of the party? Let's wait and see!

0-DHDZ forging Donghuang-主持

1. Gathering together happily

Let's gather together happily, gather for joy, gather for auspiciousness, gather for a wonderful time of flowers and full moon. We gather together happily, gathering blessings, gathering prosperity, gathering a beautiful scene of good weather. With blessings and instructions, the long buried expectations have turned into the joy of meeting today.

1-DHDZ forging Donghuang-欢聚一堂

2. Three and a half sentences 1

There are also many excellent things that have been passed down in our folk culture, such as San Ju Ban, which originated during the Jiaqing period and is very famous and sounds very lively.

2-DHDZ forging Donghuang-三句半

3. To be close and in love with each other

We gathered here, bringing joy and laughter together. We met here and enjoyed an incredibly wonderful performance. We are laughing and proud for today, striving for our dreams for tomorrow. You accompany us on the road of struggle, and you help us on the road of success. No matter what difficulties we encounter, as long as we have you, we will not be lost. Because we love each other, because we are a loving family.

3-DHDZ forging Donghuang-相亲相爱

4. Embroidered gold plaque

A charming erhu solo titled "Embroidered Gold Plaque" will take you into a profound cultural heritage and experience that unique national sentiment.

4-DHDZ forging Donghuang-绣金匾

5. Cute pendulum

From the sediment of history, we step out and welcome the vibrant and youthful dance "Cute Pendulum". In this joyful dance, let us feel the embrace of happiness and warmth, and enjoy this wonderful time together.

5-DHDZ forging Donghuang-可爱摆

6. Let's all come together

We gather here, enjoying happiness and sharing happiness. We meet here, looking forward to the future, full of pride. Let's jump up together, follow the dynamic melody, and unleash our youthful dreams. Don't linger, don't wait anymore, because a beautiful future will surely come!

6-DHDZ forging Donghuang-大家一起来

7. Friend

A gentle hug in times of difficulty, a simple greeting in times of sadness, a warm fist in times of joy, and he will silently support and bless you by your side no matter what you need. They all share the same name: friend.

7-DHDZ forging Donghuang-朋友

8. Three and a half sentences 2

Between a few words, there is infinite wisdom and joy. Look! Tang Monk and his disciples are here!

8-DHDZ forging Donghuang-三句半2

9. Longing for the Divine Eagle

Carrying the azure sky and gazing proudly at the vast earth, it is full of ambition to break through the haze of clouds.

9-DHDZ forging Donghuang向往神鹰-

10. I want to embrace you in a mediocre life

In this bustling and complex world, we are all searching for our own true selves. Searching for extraordinary in the ordinary, illuminating every corner with music.

10-DHDZ forging Donghuang-多想在平庸的生活拥抱你

11. Spade A

Youth is so hot, so passionate, like the summer sky, always high and bright. As night falls, accompanied by enchanting music, let's enjoy the dance "Spades A" together.

11-DHDZ forging Donghuang-黑桃A

12. Zhang Deng Jie Cai

There is a song that showcases people's longing for a better life and conveys a warm and peaceful blessing. May this beauty always accompany us, and let the sound of happiness echo in every corner forever. It is the song "Lantern Festival". Let's dance together and feel the joy and peace of the festival together.

12-DHDZ forging Donghuang-张灯结彩

With so many exciting programs at the dinner party, which one is the most popular? The answer is about to be revealed!

13-DHDZ forging Donghuang-最佳节目

Dangdangdang~The answer is revealed - the third place winner is "Three and a Half 2" brought to us by our Tang Monk and his four disciples; The second place winner was our joyful dance "Let's All Come Together"; The first place winner of our most popular dinner program award was our passionate dance "Spades A". Congratulations on the award-winning program above!

Thank you to all the actors who participated in this performance. Your talent and enthusiasm have made this performance so successful. You have brought unparalleled enjoyment to the audience with your professional skills and endless enthusiasm. Whether you win or not, you are all the best!

3Lottery section

How could such a grand annual event be without the most exciting lottery segment? I heard there are quite a few prizes this year, including cash red envelopes, rice cookers, massage machines, electric cars, tablets... and our ultimate prize - Huawei phones!!! So many prizes, who will spend them on? Next, don't blink!!! Let's take a look together!

14-DHDZ forging Donghuang-抽奖1

15-DHDZ forging Donghuang-抽奖2

16-DHDZ forging Donghuang-抽奖3

17-DHDZ forging Donghuang-抽奖4

18-DHDZ forging Donghuang-抽奖5

19-DHDZ forging Donghuang一等奖

Congratulations to the lucky winners above! Those who have won the prize are lucky, and those who have not won should not be disappointed. Keep this luck to welcome even greater surprises in the new year!

4Exciting Moments of the Dinner

The banquet venue was shining brightly, and under the reflection of the lights, the banquet hall was filled with a magnificent and enthusiastic atmosphere. The magnificent dining table is filled with exquisite delicacies, emitting tempting aromas that make people drool. Beautiful music flows gently in the air, accompanied by dancers dancing gracefully on the dance floor, bringing a joyful rhythm and atmosphere. The guests were immersed in a festive and warm atmosphere, with constant laughter and applause, filled with friendship and joy.

20-DHDZ forging Donghuang-精彩瞬间1

21-DHDZ forging Donghuang-精彩瞬间2

This dinner is not only a feast, but also an important moment for everyone to gather together and spend beautiful time together. Everyone exchanged cups and had a great conversation.

At this point, our annual celebration has come to a successful end! Thank you to everyone behind the scenes for your hard work and dedication, which made this performance perfect. You are truly unknown heroes, and your dedication is an important pillar of this performance.

Thank you again to all the performers and behind the scenes personnel. Your efforts have made this annual meeting even more unforgettable. Thank you to all the guests and colleagues for your support and encouragement, which has motivated us to create more beautiful moments.

Let's look forward to next year's annual meeting together, hoping for even more exciting performances and perfect cooperation at that time.