Returning with Full Load | The 2024 Russia Exhibition Successfully Ends

From April 15th to 18th, 2024, the Moscow Oil and Gas Exhibition in Russia was held as scheduled, and three members of our foreign trade department attended the exhibition on-site.

 俄罗斯展会-法兰锻件-定制服务-DHDZ Forging-flange-pipe-1

Before the exhibition, our colleagues from the foreign trade department made sufficient preparations, including on-site promotional posters, banners, brochures, promotional pages, etc., hoping to showcase our products and services to customers in a comprehensive manner on site. At the same time, we have also prepared some portable small gifts for our on-site exhibition customers: a USB flash drive containing our company's promotional videos and brochures, a one to three data cable, tea, etc. We hope that our customers can not only learn about our products and services, but also feel the warmth and hospitality of our Chinese friends.

What we will bring to this exhibition is our classic flange forging products, mainly including standard/non-standard flanges, forged shafts, forged rings, and special customized services.

 俄罗斯展会-法兰锻件-定制服务-DHDZ Forging-flange-pipe-8

At the exhibition site, facing a sea of people, our three companions were not afraid of the stage. They stood in front of the booth, conscientiously recruiting customers and patiently explaining our company's products to interested customers. Many customers have expressed great interest in our company's products and strong willingness to cooperate, even willing to visit our headquarters and production base in China. At the same time, they also warmly invited our friends to have the opportunity to visit and exchange ideas with their company, and expressed their expectation of reaching important cooperation with our company.

 俄罗斯展会-法兰锻件-定制服务-DHDZ Forging-flange-pipe-6

俄罗斯展会-法兰锻件-定制服务-DHDZ Forging-flange-pipe-5

俄罗斯展会-法兰锻件-定制服务-DHDZ Forging-flange-pipe-4

Not only that, our friends also seized this rare opportunity and had friendly exchanges and communication with other exhibitors at the exhibition site, understanding the main development trends in the international market and the products and technologies with comparative advantages and markets. Everyone communicates and learns from each other, creating a very harmonious atmosphere.

 俄罗斯展会-法兰锻件-定制服务-DHDZ Forging-flange-pipe-7

俄罗斯展会-法兰锻件-定制服务-DHDZ Forging-flange-pipe-3

In short, our company's friends have gained a lot from this exhibition. Not only did we showcase and introduce our products and technology to on-site customers, but we also learned a lot of new knowledge and skills.

 俄罗斯展会-法兰锻件-定制服务-DHDZ Forging-flange-pipe-2

This exhibition has come to a successful end, and we look forward to the next brand new journey bringing a brand new experience!