The 2023 Annual Summary Conference and 2024 New Year Planning Conference of Donghuang Forging have been successfully held!

On January 16, 2024, Shanxi Donghuang Wind Power Flange Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held a 2023 work summary and 2024 work plan meeting in the conference room of the Shanxi factory.

The meeting summarized the gains and achievements of the past year, and also looked forward to expectations for future updates!

DHDZ-Donghuang forging1

1Summary speeches from various departments

The summary meeting will start promptly at 2:00 pm, with attendees including company leaders Mr. Guo, Mr. Li, Mr. Yang, and all employees of the company.

The first step is to summarize the work of each department. Representatives from each department presented their work achievements from the past year in a PPT, sharing their experiences and lessons learned, and also proposed a new year's work plan.

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These summaries not only show us the efforts and achievements of each department, but also show us the overall development of the company.

2、 Donghuang's 2024 marketing strategy promotion

After each department completed their work reports, General Manager Guo proposed a new plan for Donghuang's marketing strategy for 2024.

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Mr. Guo said that looking back on the past year, we have experienced a lot. In this year, we have experienced countless challenges and opportunities. Now, we stand at a new starting point, looking back on the work of the past year, in order to learn from it and lay a solid foundation for future work.

In 2023, not only did we achieve some excellent results, but more importantly, we improved the cohesion and combat effectiveness of our team, which is a powerful guarantee for us to gain a lasting competitive advantage. Facing future development, I hope everyone will continue to maintain their original aspirations and forge ahead!

We are very surprised and pleased with the achievements of 2023, and we are full of anticipation and confidence in the outlook for 2024.

Finally, Mr. Guo expressed gratitude for everyone's hard work and contributions, and also expressed higher expectations for the colleagues of the Eastern Emperor. Hand in hand, we are entering a new year. May Donghuang continue to strive and achieve better results in 2024!