The 2024 Germany International Pipeline Materials Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion

The 2024 Germany International Pipeline Materials Exhibition has been held grandly in Dusseldorf, Germany from April 15th to 19th. Three members of our foreign trade department went to Germany to participate in the exhibition.

 德国展会-DHDZ forging flange1

This exhibition is a great opportunity for technical exchange and learning with professionals from around the world, so our company has made sufficient preparations before departure. We have created a series of posters, banners, brochures, promotional pages, and promotional videos to showcase our classic products such as flanges, forgings, and tube sheets, as well as our advanced heat treatment and processing techniques from all angles. At the same time, we have also prepared some portable small gifts for our on-site exhibition customers: a USB flash drive containing our company's promotional videos and brochures, a one to three data cable, tea, etc.

In the bustling exhibition venue, despite the crowds and bustle around, our three young team members showed extraordinary composure and confidence. They stood firm in front of the booth, actively promoting our products to past visitors, and carefully explaining the unique features of our products to customers who showed interest. After listening to the introduction, many customers expressed strong interest in our company's products and expressed a strong willingness to cooperate. Some even eagerly looked forward to visiting China and witnessing the charm of our headquarters and production base. In addition, they warmly extended invitations to our team members, hoping to have the opportunity to visit each other in the future, deepen cooperation, and jointly look forward to establishing a stable and fruitful cooperative relationship with our company.

德国展会-DHDZ forging flange6

德国展会-DHDZ forging flange5

Of course, our team members not only fully utilized the opportunity of this exhibition, but also actively engaged in in-depth communication and interaction with other exhibitors on site. They took the initiative to establish contact with their peers, and through friendly and productive dialogue, they gained a deep understanding of the main development trends in the current international market, as well as products and technologies that have significant advantages and competitiveness in the market. This open and inclusive communication atmosphere allows everyone to share their experiences and insights without reservation, learn from each other, and progress together. The entire communication process was full of friendship and harmony, which not only broadened our horizons but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation and development.

 德国展会-DHDZ forging flange2

德国展会-DHDZ forging flange4

After the exhibition, our partners were invited to visit several local clients in Germany who had a strong willingness to cooperate. They expressed great interest in future cooperation and hope to reach a cooperation agreement with us as soon as possible. They also hope to have the opportunity to visit China and believe that they will have a better experience.

The German exhibition has come to a successful end, andour friends have started their exhibition journey in Iran again. Looking forward to the good news they bring us!

德国展会-DHDZ forging flange3