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Forged piston rods, tie rods and coupling rods for moving connections with high loads. shackles forged; piston rods forgings; coupling rods forged;    CUSTOM Forged Flange Manufacturer In China If you are interested in a fast, free quote on flanges or forgings please feel free to get in touch via INQUIRY NOW. Forging Manufacturer in China – Call :86-21-52859349 Send Mail: info@shdhforging.com   Types of Flanges: WN, Threaded, LJ, SW, SO, Blind, LWN, ● Weld Neck Forged Flanges ● Threaded Forged Flanges ● Lap Joint Forged Flange ● Socket Weld Forged Flange ● Slip On Forged Flange ● Blind Forged Flange ● Long Weld Neck Forged Flange ● Orifice Forged Flanges ● Spectacle Forged Flanges ● Loose Forged Flange ● Plate Flange ● Flat Flange ● Oval Forged Flange ● Wind Power Flange ● ForgedTube Sheet ● CUSTOM Forged Flange