Oval Forged Flange (DIN )

Oval Forged Flanges Manufacturer in Shanxi and Shanghai , China DIN 2561 Oval flange with neck threaded PN6 and PN 10 DIN 2558 Oval plain threaded flange PN6 Size Oval Flanges Size: DN6~DN100 PN6 DIN 2558 DN6~DN40 PN6 and PN10 DIN 2561 Facing Flat Face Full Face (FF) , Raised Face (RF), Male Face(M), Female Face (FM), Tongue Face(T) , Groove Face (G) , Ring Joint Face ( RTJ/ RJ ) Surface /Coating Treatment Anti-rust Paint, Oil Black Paint , Yellow Transparent , Zinc Plated, Cold and Hot Dip Galvanized , Golden Varnish Finish International Standard Flanges DHDZ provides: American Standard ANSI B16.5 Pressure Class: 150~1200 Size: 1/2”-24” ASME B16.5 Pressure Class 150~1200 Size: 1/2”-24” ASME B16.47A Pressure Class 150~900 Size: 1/2”-24” ASME B16.47B Pressure Class 75~900 Size: 26”-60” ANSI B16.1 Orifice Union B16.36 MSS-SP-44 API AWWA Type Welding neck, Slip on, Threaded, Lap joint , Socket weld , Blind , Orifice, Spectacle blind German Standard DIN Pressure PN6~PN400 Size DN10~DN4000 Type DIN 2527-Blind; PN~PN100 DIN 2566-Screwed:PN10 and PN16 DIN 2573 PN6 DIN 2576 PN10 DIN 2627 PN400 DIN 2628 PN250 DIN 2629 PN320 DIN 2630 PN1 and PN2.5 DIN 2631 PN6 DIN 2632 PN10 DIN 2633 PN16 DIN 2634 PN25 DIN 2635 PN40 DIN 2636 PN64 DIN 2637 PN100 DIN 2638 PN160 DIN 2641 PN6 DIN 2642 PN10 DIN 2655 PN25 DIN 2656 PN40 African Standard Standard SABS 1123 Pressure 250kpa~6400kpa Size: DN10~ DN3600 Type Blind, Plate, Welding neck, Loose, Integral, Slip on Australian Standard Standard AS 2129 Table: T/A, T/D, T/E, T/F, T/H, T/J, T/K, T/R, T/S, T/T, Size: DN15~ DN3000 AS 4087 Pressure PN16~PN35 Size: DN50~ DN1200 Type Blind, Plate, Welding neck, Boss Canadian Standard Standard CSA Z245.12 Pressure PN20~PN400 Size: NPS 1/2”-60” Japanese Standard Standard JIS B2220 Pressure 5K ~30K Size: DN10~ DN1500 Type Slip on plate, Slip on hubbed, Socket welding, Welding neck, Lap joint, Threaded, Blind,Integral European Standard Standard EN 1092-1 Pressure PN6~PN100 Size: DN10~ DN4000 Type Plate, Loose plate, Blind, Welding neck, Hubbed slip on, Hubbed threaded British Standard Standard BS 4504 Pressure PN2.5~PN40 Size: DN10~ DN4000 BS 10 Table: T/A, T/D, T/E,T/F, T/H Pressure PN2.5~PN40 Size: 1/2~ 48” Type Plate, Loose , Welding neck, Blind, Hubbed slip on , Hubbed threaded Integral , Plain French Standard Standard NFE 29203 Pressure PN2.5~PN420 Size: DN10~ DN600 Type Blind, Plate, Welding neck, Loose, Integral, Slip on Italy Standard Standard UNI 2276-2278 Pressure PN6~PN40 Size: DN10~ DN600 Type Blind, Plate, Welding neck, Loose, Integral, Slip on Russia Standard Standard GOST 1281 Pressure PN15~PN2000 Size: DN10~ DN2400 Type Blind, Plate, Welding neck, Loose, Integral, Slip on Chinese Standard Standard GB9112-2000 GB9113-2000~GB9123-2000 JB81-94~JB86-94, JB/T79-94~JB/T86-94 JB4700-2000~JB4707-2000, SH501-1997 GB/T11694-94, GB/T3766-1996, GB/T11693-94, GB10746-89, GB/T4450-1995, GB/T11693-94, GB2506-2005, CBM1012-81, CBM1013 GB/T9117 HG/T 20592 HG/T 2061 SH/T 3406 Pressure 0.25MPa~10Mpa Size: DN10~ DN1200 Type Blind, Plate, Welding neck, Lap joint, Slip on, Threaded, Long welding neck MSS-SP-44 API AWWA DIN EN 1092-1 BS4504 GOST AFNOR NF EN 1759-1 NEF UNI JIS SABS 1123 ISO 7005-1 AS 2129 GB/T 9112 GB/T9117 HG/T 20592 HG/T 2061 SH/T 3406 Materials used by DHDZ: CARBON STEEL - ASTM/ASME SA-105, SA-105N, A-350 LF-2, LF-3, A694, SA-516-70, A36 STAINLESS STEEL - ASTM/ASME A182 Gr F304 , A182 Gr F304H, A182 Gr F304L, A182 Gr F304N, A182 Gr F304LN, A182 Gr F316, A182 Gr F316L, A182 Gr F316N, A182 Gr F316LN, A182 Gr F316Ti, A182 Gr F321, A182 Gr F321H, A182 Gr F347, A182 Gr F347H, A182 Gr F317, A182 Gr F317L, 309 310, 310H, 904L Duplex - F-51 ALLOY STEEL: A-182-F-1, F-5, F-6, F-9, F-11, F-12, F-22 Manufacturer, exporter & supplier of ASME/ANSI B16.5 carbon steel Weld Neck Flanges, stainless steel Weld Neck Flange, alloy steel Weld Neck Flange, ASTM A105/A105N, A350 LF1, LF2 CL1/CL2, A694 F42, F46,F48,F50, F52, F56, F60,F70, A516.60,65,70. WNRF Flanges Manufacturer in Shanxi A182 Gr F304 Oval Forged Flange (DIN ), A182 Gr F 304L Oval Forged Flange (DIN ) , A182 Gr F316 Oval Forged Flange (DIN ), A182 Gr F316L Oval Forged Flange (DIN ) Manufacturer, A182 Gr F316Ti Oval Forged Flange (DIN ), A182 Gr F321 Oval Forged Flange (DIN ), A182 Gr F321H Oval Forged Flange, A182 Gr F347 Oval Forged Flange, ASTM A182 F5 Oval Forged Flange supplier , ASTM A182 F9 Oval Forged Flange , Oval Forged Flange Exporter In Shanxi, ASTM A182 F11 Oval Forged Flange suppliers, ASTM A182 F12 Oval Forged Flange, ASTM A182 F22 Oval Forged Flange, ASTM A182 F91 Oval Forged Flange, ASTM A350 LF2 Oval Forged Flange, ASTM A350 LF3 Oval Forged Flange, ASTM A350 LF6 Oval Forged Flange Manufacturer in Shanxi and Shanghai We DHDZ manufacture forged flanges which meet international quality standard: DIN, EN1092-1, BS4504, ANSI, API, MSS, AWWA, UNI, JIS, SANS, GOST, NFE, ISO, AS, etc. We DHDZ manufacture 75 lbs, 150lbs, 300lbs, 600lbs, 900lbs, 1500lbs, 2500lbs, PN6, PN10, PN25, PN40, PN63, PN64, PN100, GOST 12820 and GOST 12821, PN0.6 MPA, PN1.0 MPA, PN1.6 MPA, PN2.5MPA PN4.0MPA, SANS1123 or SABS 1123, 600kpa, 1000kpa, 1600kpa, 2500kpa, 4000kpa flange ratings as per purchaser's specification.  Oval Flange Manufacturer in China – Call :86-21-52859349 Send Mail:dhdz@shdhforging.com Types of Flanges: WN, Threaded, LJ, SW, SO, Blind, LWN, ● Weld Neck Forged Flanges ● Threaded Forged Flanges ● Lap Joint Forged Flange ● Socket Weld Forged Flange ● Slip On Forged Flange ● Blind Forged Flange ● Long Weld Neck Forged Flange ● Orifice Forged Flanges ● Spectacle Forged Flanges ● Loose Forged Flange ● Plate Flange ● Flat Flange ● Oval Forged Flange ● Wind Power Flange ● ForgedTube Sheet ● CUSTOM Forged Flange